Law Firm Dashboards: What?

Law Firm Dashboards: What?


So, your firm is new to the whole “dashboards” thing… or maybe even just diving into the technology realm with your practice. That’s why we’re here! Let Smarter Firms guide you through the basics.

What are Dashboards?

dash·board/ˈdaSHbôrd/ – a graphical summary of various pieces of important information, typically used to give an overview of a business.

In our case, dashboards paint a picture of how your business is doing. With Smarter Firms, you can pull in data from numerous cloud-based sources, and report on the numbers that make sense (or ahem… cents). With Smarter Firm dashboards, you have all of your data at the click of a mouse, tap of a tablet, or slide on a smartphone. Customize what KPIs you want to track and set measurable goals to meet, and exceed.

Saving Time and Billable Hours

First, the initial set up is easy: find all plug ins with valuable data – including practice management systems (Clio or Practice Panther), accounting applications (QuickBooks Online), and marketing analytics (Hubspot, BirdEye, Google Analytics, etc.). Connect these sources to our software. Finally, you can pick and choose what matters the most- do you set goals based on earnings, or hours? Customize your canvas to your liking’s and let your stats shine.

An Investment That Makes Sense

With a BI tool like Smarter Firms on your side, your law firm has the potential to grow, expand, and also profit in ways other firms cannot. Smarter Firms can also introduce you to great resources in our Partner Network and help you take full advantage of our offerings.

Learn More About Smarter Firms

To learn more about the Smarter Firms, contact us for a demo at [email protected] or check out our Clio app store listing.


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